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Legal Disclaimer

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: You must read this in its entirety before attending any of our events/parties/affairs, or engaging us in any way whatsoever, or looking viewing listening, or otherwise anything associated to us in anyway whatsoever; failure to so and the legal consequences therefrom are yours solely.
*Fetish Affairs is/are privately legally sealed private event(s) held on private property/grounds attendance by invitation only; RSVP mandatory to possibly receive said required official invitation of which such official invitation must be produced to gain entry. As such Fetish Affairs absolutely reserves the right to bar entry to anyone or demand anyone to leave for any reason at any time. Anyone with any law enforcement association whatsoever, (of any type whatsoever), is/are strictly disallowed entry without a valid warrant. Anyone with any media affiliation, (of any type), and/or any recording equipment of any type is/are strictly disallowed entry. We preserve the absolute right to reject or eject anyone we wish at any time for any reason, (without refund if applicable).
Any and all illegal activity, including genital contact, private area touching, nudity, sex of any type, prostitution, drugs, weapons, violence, or any other behavior or thing conceivable that breaks any applicable law(s) in existence anywhere is/are strictly disallowed.
Any monies possibly exchanged in any way at the door/entry or other is/are solely requested donations for entry solely, not in any way a/an exchange for prostitution or any other illegalities whatsoever. Any monies possibly exchanged between any model(s) and/or any attendee(s) in any way whatsoever are solely requested tips for company and not for any illegalities whatsoever such as but not limited to prostitution, such illegalities of which is/are absolutely disallowed.
We retain the absolute right to change fees, prices, date(s), location, models, and/or anything else conceivable at our absolute discretion.
Fetish Affairs is a BYOB event. We do not sell back your alcohol, or sell any alcohol ever, whatsoever.
All monies for anything whatsoever are absolutely non-refundable.
We are not responsible for any lost/stolen objects ever under any circumstances.
We expressly state heretofore wherein that we are not criminally or civilly legally liable for anything illegal that you choose/chose to do under you own volition and will; any/such illegal activities are absolutely against our expressed demands and wishes, said illegal activities are solely your liability criminally of civilly, we bear no liability for aforementioned illegal activities or other of anyone/others said illegalities that we heretofore hereinbefore and hereinafter expressly and patently disallow.
All attendees must be 21 to enter: legal valid ID required, including all models.
All written and/or oral statements in any form herein, or associated/related in any way thereto whatever, are copyrighted, and, accordingly, have full legal copyright protection. Reproduction in any form of anything whatever from this page, or anything else related thereto, is/are strictly disallowed, and wholly illegal. Any copyright infringement shall result in direct civil and criminal legal action/prosecution.
Fetish Affairs is run by a Bad-Ass attorney who IS a BAD-ASS; don’t even THINK about it.
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